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Beginners Guide To Paid To Click

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Hello, and welcome to our page. Just that you are here, you have made huge step forward in your online PTC business.  I will teach you everything you need to know to earn online.

You are listening to the wrong people! Don't just listen everyone out there telling you how to earn, how to get direct referrals, all of them are amaters trying to earn some money!  

So lets start….

About PTC Sites
PTC also stands for Paid to Click. By using PTC Sites you can earn money easily on the internet without investment while sitting in front of your computer.. In these pages you can gain income in several ways: Paid to click, Paid to read, PTSU, Offers (Microjobs), Watching videos, Grid, Autosurf, Traffic Exchange and more…

This work is very easy, it doesn’t demand any qualification just you should known how to browse the net. The registration for PTC sites is absolutely free everywhere. Basically these sites works as a mediator between the advertisers and the viewers as you are viewing their advertisement they will give you a share in their profit which will varies form site to site. 
When you are working with PTC sites it is compulsory for you to create an account in online payment processor like Paypal and Payza, because when you reach the minimum payout amount then PTC sites will transfer your money to Paypal or Payza account. Both of these payment processor are free to join and secure.
During the registration you have to give real data, because with unreal data you will have problems with the payments. For one IP address only one person able to register. 

On PTC Sites You have the chance to add advertisements. You can promote your links and banners. All trustful PTC Sites have Forum. In Forum regularly check the Payment Proofs. Usually the older sites are more reliable.

Additional info. :
Remember that you can only view one advertisement at the time. When you have viewed all advertisements you will have to wait 24 hours before you can click them again . Be sure to click all available advertisements every day and once you have reached the payout minimum (usually between 1$ and 10$ depending on PTC site) you will be able to cash-out your earnings to your PayPal or AlertPay(Payza) account. 
Your name on the PTC site, payment processor and on your bank account must be same.

How to Earn Real Money with PTC?
     It’s very simple & easy to earn with PTC sites. First of all you have to signup yourself to these PTC programs, In order to signup just select the links which are listed in this blog and complete the signup process. Once you complete the signup you are ready to earn but you should remember one thing that you should be an active clicker then only you can make a good monthly income from these sites. Usually they will provide 4-20 advertisement per day, with some of them even offering as many as 100 ads per day. You have to simply click on a link and view a website for 30, 20, 10 or just 5 seconds to get paid for that advertisement. The usual pay rate for per visit is between $0.001 and $0.01. You are paid for every click you made. You should read before clicking because some sites provide cheat links. Your balance will be reset to zero when you click these cheat links. 

This is not the end to earn with PTC sites you can also earn half amount of your referral clicks(DR,RR). So the more the referral the more you will earn. Referrals are those persons whom you have refer to join the program. but, mostly, you have to be active every day to be able to earn your downline commission. There are some programs, Clicksense, that do not require of the user to be active every day to be able to earn from his downline on the previous day. Most PTC's, however, do have this kind of requirement but it is not a serious issue really.

The more referrals you will have the more you will earn. Here is an example of how much you could be earning if you would have 20 referrals for a PTC site that pays 0.01$ per advertisement and 50% of referral earnings:
You click 5 ad`s a day = 0.05$
20 referrals click 5 ad`s a day = 0.50$
Your daily earnings = 0.55$
Your weekly earnings = 3.85$
Your monthly earnings =  15.40$

And that`s just from a single PTC site. But you can join five, ten or even more PTC sites and refer more than those 20 referrals shown in example.  

Note: In most PTC sites you have to make a minimum number of clicks to earn from your refs' clicking the next day, so be sure to come back regularly and do your little job.

Apart from mere clicking for cash & referral commission, there are many PTC sites providing additional ways of earning money like signup offers, contest, tasks, games of chance, watching videos, profit shares, surf-bars and so on. Clicking ads is the main feature that is why they are categorized in PTC Sites.

In most cases, if the user would like to earn more, he or she must take an option to buy a special upgrade of their account. Sometimes there are more than one option to upgrade, like Premium, Diamond, Ultimate, etc., each with their own set of benefits and limits but, mostly, you have to be active every day to be able to earn. Some programs allow you to use a vacation mode if you really need to be away from the computer for a number of days.

So there is NO real Limit of the income you can make with PTCs. It depends on how consistent you are in opening the sites daily & clicking all ads. It depends on how you do the marketing of this new business and how many active members join under you.

How will I receive payments?
After earning money on Ptc sites, you can transfer it to your bank account using paypal or payza.  All the PTC sites will send your earnings to your paypal/payza account first, from there you can transfer the money to your bank. It is absolutely free. Paypal/Payza is like an online bank, which allows you to send and receive payments using the internet.

Note: Alertpay has changed its name to Payza.

More facts about Paid-to-Click programs
   It is only in the PTC industry that you can find referrals for sale and they are very cheap. Most PTC sites today offer conversion of your balance into referrals. So, with zero out of the pocket initial capital, you still can achieve very realistic earnings of $ 400 a month. This is an excellent Work at Home Program and earn money decently. You can also advertise your products in PTC sites. Among the Get Paid To programs, PTC program is the simplest and easiest to accomplish.

     Although this estimate reflects your potential earnings, maybe more or maybe less, it is not a guarantee because referrals are people. You can not forcibly command them to click the ads everyday. But if the PTC site is manage by a responsible, honest, creative and generous admin, all members will be enticed to be active everyday. They also enjoy reading ads as they earn.

Last but not least, if you can add some money to a PTC program, like to buy an upgrade, referrals or advertisements, or whatever else the programs has of value in store, you will see that the speed of recovery from your seed investment and your earning power will start to soar immediately. There is no threshold or time limit actually to what you can earn from such a program. Get yourself a membership in the websites listed HERE and make them a primary or secondary source of income.


What are GPT sites?
     GPT stands for "Get Paid To."  These sites allows its members to earn money by completing surveys, signing up for websites, shopping online, and even playing games. Companies are looking for people to try their services and products. Advertising companies pay the GPT sites, which in turn, pay their members a portion .  Most of these offers take only a few minutes.  If you can spare the time, this can definitely earn you a nice amount of money in a short time.
In Get Paid To sites you can make money by Completing offers, Completing tasks, Contests, Clicking ads, Watching Videos, Playing Games
Completing Offers is the main feature that is why they are categorised in GPT Sites.


What are PTR sites?
     PTR stands for "Paid To Read."  PTR sites are websites that build a list of members and offer advertising packages. Advertisers that like to advertise their products come to these sites and for a small price they can reach out the members of that site via emails. PTR sites send mails containing advertisement links. When you clicked the advertiser's link ads, your account will be credited.

What are Traffic sites?
     Traffic Exchanges work on a simple principle of exchanging page views. The rewards on traffic exchanges are cash and credits to your website. When you enter into traffic exchange you can earn cash and credits by visiting other members websites for a specific time. You can view the website one after other. That's how you earn cash and credits. Then you can use those credits to bring traffic to your website. Your website will be viewed by other members for free and you will earn some extra cash.

Is it cost anything to Join?

     Absolutely free! All these sites are free to join. There is no need to ever pay to join a site. which offer you to earn money.

Are All PTCs Legitimate?
Absolutely No and this is the reason behind creating this site. There are 100s of PTCs around internet but only a few of them are legitimate. I suggest that you should visit a couple of different reviews for PTC sites before joining them. Here is one of Trusted PTC review sites and see if your PTC site is one on the list of Legitimate or Scam: 

Payment Processors:
You joined online earning programs, you should register payment processors to withdraw or invest.
Here are some payment processors you may need.
1. Paypal 

2. Payza :

3. Perfect money

4. solidtrustpay

5. egopay

6. Okpay

Note : Most of the PTC sites uses only Paypal and payza payment modes

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