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Other Earning Opportunities

This site has recently removed Paid to click advertisements from its site earnings list but you can still earn a lot from completing tasks, taking surveys, completing offers and also you can earn from your referral earnings.

The most easiest way of earning few dollars is by signing up in this site. The process of earning is very easy- 
1. After signup first you need to claim the daily bonus every day(i.e. after every 24hrs), if you trust this site then you can even invest into this site.
2. Once you have reached a certain amount then the real thing starts now, i.e. you have to hire gnomes, depending upon the amount you have in your purchase balance.
3. Your gnomes starts producing ores depending upon their units per hour.
4. Once your gnomes reach a certain no. of units then go to warehouse ore section, and click on "carry to warehouse" button.
5. Now go to processing ore section and click on "recycle all" button.(Note 100 units=1 gold)
Here the units will be converted to gold in the ratio of 70:30 i.e. 70% goes to your purchase balance and remaining 30% goes to your withdraw balance.
6. Once you reach 100 gold in your withdraw balance(i.e. $1) and acquired 100 cashout points then you can withdraw to your payment processor(Here cashout points can be acquired either by investing some money(40% will be received by you as cashout points) or if some one invest into this site (you will receive 10% as cashout points).

3. Auto Claim Sites :
        There are only few sites which encourages you to earn cryptocurrencies using auto claim feature, where you do not needed to click every time, the system itself will generate cryptocurrencies for you based upo how much points you have.
a. Allcoins : 
Ref Id :
In this site you can autoclaim from maximum 3 crypto sites at a time. you will be credited every 5 minutes. But before that you must accumulate enough points to play auto claim feature. For each site for this 5 minutes, 3 points will be deducted.

b. Firefaucet : 
Ref Id :
In this site you can autoclaim from maximum 13 crypto sites at a time, you will be credited based on the time you have selected in settings page ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes. But before that you must accumulate enough points to play auto claim feature, For each site(except Bitcoin) for 1 minute 1 point will be deducted.

4. Paid to Read Mails :
        Following are the sites which are paid to read the mails sent to your email id. There is no need to login to check whether you received ads or not. You will received some ads as mails just like notification and click them to earn few cents.
a. Donkeymails :
Ref Id :

b. Getpaidmail : 
Ref Id :

c. No-minimum : 
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