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Monday, 30 May 2016

Top Bitcoin Earning Sites

Hi :-)

Everyone might have observed that presently bitcoin value is increasing day by day. So, now its really a very good time to increase your income by few dollars or rupees by investing in bitcoin before its too late. 

There are so many ways to earn bitcoin, but here i will be sharing only those sites which are like ptc sites where you need to click some ads to earn bitcoin and also i will be sharing the bitcoin Faucet sites too.

I just want to tell you in advance that there is no limit in these sites!! you are the one controlling your own income and working how much ever you want....Earning Money online is easy now. 

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The following is a list of trusted and genuine bitcoin sites which has been paying for over 3-6 years.  Also these are my favorite BITCOIN sites ! that I use everyday to earn money online. It's easy to do; just log on to these sites every day, click all the ads, maybe do some offers or surveys if that site has them, also some sites are like faucet where you need to claim your bonus after every time interval, tell your friends about the site and give them your link to join under you (And make money for having them sign up! also for their activity) and come back and do the same the next day! It's really easy and fun, just put on some music and get clicking!

The Best Paying BITCOIN sites....    These sites ALWAYS PAY!!

Top, Legit & Elite BITCOIN Sites
(This is the safest list of BITCOIN sites which you can choose from)
(Please select the referral link which you wanted to join from below and signup)
Faucet type Sites :

Normal PTC type Earning Sites :

* Please mail me in which site you have joined after registering (you can find my email id at top of this blog) or comment your mail id along with the site you have joined in comment box, so, that i can help you to earn more from these sites.

* Also please do visit our "Payment Proofs" section to trust these sites.

Very Important Notes :
* Your name in processor, your name registered in respective site and your name in bank account must be same in order to receive the payments.

Please note that there are some scam sites also so, before joining check carefully but in my blog all the sites are genuine.

I will be updating newly launched and trusted sites every week after receiving payments. So, do visit our blog every week.

* Please signup with my referral link or add my referral id-"tjcreddi16/which ever mentioned" while joining, as both you and I get benefited at the same time.

Check our next post regarding Bitcoin Earning sites, Traffic exchange sites and mobile recharge sites too.

Wish GOOD LUCK For EveryOne. Happy Earnings

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